Best Sensitivity for PUBG Mobile Without Gyroscope 2 Finger 2023: Tips and Tricks

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Short answer: Best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile without gyroscope 2 finger 2021:

The best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile without gyroscope on a 2-finger setup depends on one’s personal preferences. However, a recommended range would be 50-100 for camera sensitivity and 20-30 for ADS sensitivity. Keep experimenting and adjusting to find the perfect balance!

What is the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger in 2021?

Are you an avid player of PUBG mobile but struggling to find the right sensitivity without a gyroscope and only using two fingers? Look no further, as we bring you the ultimate guide on the best sensitivity for PUBG Mobile in 2021.

Firstly, let’s understand what sensitivity means. In simple terms, it refers to how responsive your screen is when you move your fingers across it. The higher the sensitivity, the faster your screen responds to your movements, and vice versa.

When it comes to finding the right sensitivity for PUBG mobile without a gyroscope and using just two fingers, there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration:

DPI: DPI or Dots Per Inch is a measure of how sensitive your mouse is. This means that higher DPI will make your cursor move faster, whilst lower DPI will slow down its motion. Choosing a DPI setting for mobile gaming can be tricky, but most players tend to stick between 400 – 800 dpi which offer great control without being too sluggish or fast.

In-game Sensitivity: In-game sensitivity refers to how sensitive you want your screen movement when gaming. It usually ranges from 0-300% and typically depends on personal preference. However, for playing with two fingers in pubg mobile we suggest setting it at around 120%-140%. This will help you move quickly and aim effortlessly without overshooting.

Camera Sensitivity: Camera sensitivities determine how swift or stable tracking is when aiming at enemies while shooting or moving with a gun up close or long-range targets distant. For normal combat situations like intense fire fights use around 130 -150%, for peeking corners keep it low between 85-95% whereas while sniping set it somewhere between 85-100%.

Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: Vertical values correspondingly change viewing angles than horizontal movements since one requires more precision needs lesser camera movement altering vertical multiplier could have an immense effect on aiming while jump shooting, So keep it around 120-140%.

Finalized Recommendation: As you can see, there are various sensitivities to consider when gaming with two fingers on PUBG mobile without a gyroscope. Based on the above values and calculations we recommend starting with:

• Camera sensitivity (free look): 160%
• Camera sensitivity (aiming): 85%
• Aim assist: Enabled
• ADS camera sensitivity: 130%
• Gyroscope-Off

In summary, finding the perfect sensitivity for PUBG mobile in 2021 without a gyroscope whilst solely using two fingers may not necessarily be a one-size-fits-all solution template. It requires you to experiment between different settings before settling on what works best for you! But don’t be afraid of testing out new settings, varying depending upon your comfort level/ gameplay style is ultimately what matters most in improving your game skills.

How to find the perfect sensitivity for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger in 2021?

PUBG Mobile has become a global sensation, with millions of players taking to the virtual battlegrounds day in and day out. Players now come from all walks of life – students, professionals and even grandparents are jumping in on the action! But to truly emerge victorious, it is essential that one finds the perfect sensitivity for their gameplay style.

In this guide, we will explore how to find the perfect sensitivity for PUBG Mobile without Gyroscope 2 finger in 2021.

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Firstly, let’s understand what exactly sensitivity is? In PUBG mobile, sensitivity refers to the amount of control you have over your character’s movement speed. A higher sensitivity means faster movements whereas lower sensitivity means slower movements. The key is finding the sweet spot between these two extremes.

There are multiple factors that come into play while adjusting the sensitivity settings: screen size, hand size, gameplay style and preferences.

The first step towards finding your ideal PUBG Mobile sensitivity without gyroscope 2 finger control is understanding your gameplay style. Some players prefer a aggressive approach whereas others focus more on camp-style tactics. Once you’ve identified which playstyle suits you best, adjust your sensitivities accordingly.

The next step involves tweaking each individual setting – camera (Aim) and ADS Sensitivity (holding down aim). Start by increasing or decreasing each one by small increments until you feel comfortable with how your player moves on screen. This may take some iterations until you feel satisfied with how it impacts your gameplay experience – but don’t get discouraged!

Another important factor is playing around with scope sensitivities as well as horizontal/vertical adjustments until everything feels just right for you. Remember that less really can be more when it comes to making big changes here.

If you’re still not feeling confident after trying these steps out yourself beforehand first-hand don’t worry because there are plenty of online tutorials available where players share their own settings which helps tremendously in customizing your own.

Finally, make sure to play around with your PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings regularly and fine-tune them every so often as it may significantly impact the outcome of your gameplay.

In conclusion, finding the perfect sensitivity for PUBG Mobile without gyroscope control requires some experimentation and patience. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach but rather a process that involves understanding your own gameplay style and making incremental adjustments accordingly. Follow these steps, stay patient and you will be well on your way towards perfecting your technique in no time. Happy Gaming!

Step by step guide to set up the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger in

Are you tired of constantly losing out on crucial battles in PUBG mobile? Are you struggling to find your perfect sensitivity settings on your 2-finger setup? Look no further! In this step-by-step guide, we will help you set up the best sensitivity for PUBG mobile without gyroscope!

Step 1: Understanding the Sensitivity Settings

Before diving into the actual adjustments, let’s start by understanding what each setting does. There are five main components that can be customized when adjusting your PUBG Mobile sensitivity – aim sensitivity (ADS), camera sensitivity (camera), scope sensitivity (for each individual scope), gyroscopic sensors, and vehicle steering.

Aim Down Sights (ADS) determines how quickly or slowly your character aims down sights. Camera refers to how fast your character turns left or right without aiming down sights. Scope Sensitivity is relative to camera sensitivity but customizes the speed at which a player moves their crosshair with their equipped scopes. Finally, the Gyroscopic Sensor allows players to adjust their tilting and turning motion within gameplay while Vehicle Steering sets how responsive vehicles are when controlled by the player.

Step 2: Adjusting ADS Sensitivity

Since aiming down sights is one of the most critical aspects of PUBG Mobile two-finger gameplay, it should be adjusted first. Start by lowering your overall default ADS sensitivity level to around 20-30% and adjust accordingly from there based on preference and feel.

If you find yourself overshooting targets under ADS aiming too sensitively for additional recoil control, then gradually decrease further until comfortable and accurate control over recoil is achieved.

Step 3: Adjusting Camera Sensitivity

Next up- determining an unobtrusive camera speed suitable for easier running around landscapes. Next, increase camera sensitivity gradually until it reaches a point where quick direction changes are well executed without overshooting intended location significantly.

Alongside swipe movement consider practicing using thumbstick as well for adequate turning control. Thus to balance these two aspects, a level of around 100% is generally recommended for camera sensitivity.

Step 4: Scope Sensitivity Customization

With ADS and Camera sorted, now it’s time to tinker around with scope settings. The scope settings are entirely based on individual preference and should be customized for each equipped scopes such as Red Dot, Holographic Sight or different sniper scopes like a 4x or 6x zoom might have huge magnification values that necessitate slower sensitivity levels.

Aiming at targets within mid-to-long distances requires more powerfully fixed crosshairs which need fine-tuned and sharp frames. Thus gradually increasing the sensitivity in relation to higher-powered magnifying scopes is recommended without any overshoots while aiming into enemies.

Step 5: Adjust Gyroscope & Vehicle Steering

Next up comes the Gyroscopic Sensor and Vehicle Steering adjustments. If you’re utilizing the gyro sensor feature then adjusting this option so that it’s enabled; finding an optimal tilt speed takes significant experimentation thus setting initial levels between 90-100% will give proper movement variations.

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Moreover, If you’re driving any kind of vehicle, tweaking their steering responsiveness will make changing directions smoother while also keeping your escape options open by making tight turns possible in the heat of battle which can lead to more headshots subsequently giving enough edge over opposition.


In conclusion, finding your ideal sensitivity on PUBG Mobile can take some time but following these step-by-step instructions will help you achieve your desired gameplay accuracy swiftly and guarantee an outclass performance amongst others even when playing against pros!

Common mistakes to avoid while setting up your sensitivity in Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 fingers in

Pubg mobile has become a popular game among gamers worldwide, and with the increasing popularity comes the need to improve your gaming skills. One of the most important factors that determine your success in Pubg mobile is your sensitivity settings. It is crucial to set up your sensitivity correctly because it affects how quickly you can aim and react in the game. However, setting up sensitivity without gyroscope in 2 fingers mode can be tricky, and many players make mistakes that affect their gameplay.

In this blog post, we will highlight some common mistakes to avoid while setting up your sensitivity in Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 fingers. Let’s dive right into them.

1: Scaling down your ADS sensitivity

One mistake many players make when setting up their Pubg mobile sensitivities is scaling down their ADS (Aim Down Sight) sensitivity slider too low. This leads to difficulty in tracking moving targets while aiming down sights, especially when trying to shoot enemies at mid-to-long range. To avoid this issue, ensure that you keep a healthy balance between hip-fire and aiming down sights with no noticeable changes between both modes.

2: Changing only Vertical and not Horizontal Sensitivity

Another common mistake that several players make while adjusting their sensitivity settings in Pubg Mobile is only changing vertical sensitivity instead of horizontal. However, doing so affects balance between both axes making it difficult for smooth camera movement; this leads to overreaction whenever engaging an enemy target which ends up ruining shots fired towards them.

Always maintain good balance between vertical & horizontal aim precision by equally adjusting both sliders until it feels comfortable enough for shooting accuracy.

3: Relying solely on Pro Players Settings

While it may be tempting to emulate widely known professional player’s settings when it comes to playing Pubg Mobile – they are humans too! You should always remember that each player has different preferences and techniques as well as builds that could differ from yours drastically based on devices used or personal-gaming style.

4: Changing Sensitivity too Frequently

Another mistake that most players indulge in is constantly tweaking their sensitivity settings. While it’s essential to adjust your settings from time to time, changing them all the time can be detrimental to your gaming performance. Doing so would hinder gambling consistency making it challenging to progress on Battle Royale matches.

5: Using High Sensitivities for Recoil Control

When dealing with higher recoil guns like SMGs or Assault Rifles, some players crank up their sensitivity thinking that it will help them control their bullet spread and recoil less. In reality, this only hurts accuracy even more since it’ll result in a jerky aim causing an increase of shots missed at lower ranges.

To avoid this mistake, always use lower sensitivity levels when dealing with high-recoil weapons to precisely control each shot while maintaining accurate vision tracking on targets.

Setting up the right sensitivity settings without gyroscope in Pubg mobile 2 fingers mode is a crucial aspect of gameplay technique requiring patience and awareness not just simple copy-pasting another player’s setting or continuously catering towards weekly trends. Following these tips will lead you closer towards achieving your own well-balanced sensitivities that fit your personal playstyle which enhances game performances further!

Frequently asked questions about finding the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger in

If you’re a mobile gamer, then you know that finding the best sensitivity settings for your game can be a daunting task. And when it comes to Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger, this task becomes even more challenging. We understand that finding the right balance between speed and accuracy can make or break your gameplay experience. So, in this blog post, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about finding the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger in detail.

Q: What is sensitivity in Pubg mobile?

Sensitivity is an important aspect of any shooting game where players control their character’s movements through various input devices such as controllers or keyboards. In Pubg Mobile, sensitivity settings refer to how sensitive the game reacts to player input from their touch screen.

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Q: How do I find my perfect sensitivity setting?

Finding your perfect sensitivity setting requires patience and practice. We recommend starting with low sensitivity settings and gradually increasing them until you find a sweet spot that feels comfortable for you.

Q: Is there a recommended sensitivity setting for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to recommended sensitivities for Pubg mobile without gyroscopes using two fingers. It depends on each individual’s playstyle and preferences regarding movement speed versus accuracy.

Q: Should I use high or low sensitivity settings?

High-sensitivity settings allow players to move quickly but can lead to inaccurate aiming, especially at long-range targets. Conversely, low-sensitivity settings enhance aim accuracy but slow down character movement significantly. Thus, we suggest choosing a balance between both extremes depending on personal preferences.

Q: How does screen size affect my Sensitivity Settings?

Screen size undoubtedly affects your gaming experience regardless of which device you use while playing pubG mobile without gyroscope 2 fingers. Hence lower FPS may have adverse effects over bigger screens due to blurry graphics; thus matching display FPS with game quality is the key.

Q: Why do people use gyroscope instead of 2-finger aiming?

Gyroscopes allow you to aim more accurately regardless of your phone’s orientation, but two-finger aiming can work well for anyone who doesn’t have a gyroscope available on their device or prefer using fingers. While some consider gyro as an advantage, the mobile shake while playing overextending screen also affects sensitivity settings, hence 2 finger control may prove suitable for smaller screens.


In conclusion, finding the perfect sensitivity setting for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger requires patience and practice. Experimenting with different settings until finding one that feels comfortable and efficient takes time. Hence tweaking various settings using different approaches like changing display resolutions are tricks to enhance gameplay experience in low-end devices we recommend trying them all until you find what suits your playstyle!

Tips and tricks to improve your gameplay with the best sensitivity for Pubg mobile without gyroscope 2 finger in

If you’re looking to up your game on PUBG Mobile without using a gyroscope and with just two fingers, then you’ve come to the right place. This blog provides some useful tips and tricks that can help you improve your gameplay by adjusting the sensitivity settings of your controls.

Firstly, it’s important to understand what sensitivity means in PUBG Mobile. It refers to how quickly or slowly your character turns when you move your phone screen/controls. The higher the sensitivity level, the faster your character will turn. Conversely, if the sensitivity is too low, it may take too long to react which could cost you valuable time during gameplay.

To optimize your sensitivity levels for this particular style of gameplay without a gyroscope, begin by assessing what feels comfortable for you while aiming in more complicated situations like shooting long range or quick reactions to close quarter combat scenarios. One size doesn’t fit all when talking about sensitivities so don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust until it suits your preference.

Here are some suggestions that could help improve your experience:

Adjust Your Settings: Before getting started with any game-play ensure that you have optimised quality and graphics settings according to your device specifications; reducing lag can make drastic improvements in gunplay which relies heavily on responsiveness.

Find Your Sweet Spot: In general, novice players should start with lower sensitivities so they can have greater precision while aiming at targets free from recoil effects or environmental disturbances like jumping nerves avoidance. Getting familiar with such mechanics will give them a better understanding of playing a tedious yet essential part of PUBGM solo duos or squads play

Customize the HUD Layout: To improve dexterity while firing rifles & sniping seems difficult as not everyone has the ability nor skills with thumb placements due to their thumbs’ size; one way around this is personalising controls and spacing between various buttons allowing better accessability during crucial moments.

However, choosing level 1 or 2 makes it harder to control your recoil and improve chances when scoping for longer distances, so slowly progressing to higher sensitivities that suits individual dynamics will provide a better balance between precision and agility.

Improve Reaction Time: Duo game-play allows for players to complement one another’s weaknesses by maintaining clear view of surrounding areas; having 2 fingers is challenging since players can only shoot or move but not switch easily. With sensitivity settings getting accustomed make quick movements while aiming in close combat situations which require fast reactions and improved hand-eye coordination

Finally, it is essential to combine these tips with efficient game-sense. Learn how to position yourself smartly during different scenarios like urban fights, open field engagements or avoiding being sandwiched between two teams. Accumulating the knowledge makes controls work at their maximum potential allowing more precise motions while enhancing inherent skills through protracted battles. Psychology also plays a major role as slowly mastering PUBG mobile’s gameplay mechanics and controls overtime will require patience and determination as well as sensible choices during matches.

Mastering PUBG Mobile without gyroscope with just two fingers can seem like an impossible challenge at first, but through experimentation with settings along with keen observance of various gameplay aspects on positions & surroundings the road to victory becomes apparent. By using the aforementioned tricks such as setting sensitivities accordingly alongside smart device use should encourage players who are having difficulty controlling their character or tend towards inconsistent results from effort invested.. Good luck out there!

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